Investment Strategies

Levant strategies are customised to the needs of each client and aligned with their investment objectives, risk tolerance & time horizons.


Model Strategy

Securities that are deemed ‘long-term’ are purchased with the idea of holding them in the client’s account for a year or longer.

We employ this strategy when (a) we believe the securities to be currently undervalued; and/or (b) we want exposure to a particular asset class over time, regardless of the current projection for this class.

Income Strategy

When utilizing this strategy, we purchase securities with the idea of keeping for a year or more.

The equity income strategy focuses on high quality companies with healthy and sustainable dividends, providing lower volatility access to stock market growth.

Aggressive Strategy

Securities that are classified as ‘trading securities’ are typically sold very quickly i.e. 90 days or less.

We utilize technical and momentum indicators in an attempt to take advantage of market movements.

Each Levant portfolio contains 10-15 stocks from 10 different industry groups. We do not attempt to cover all sectors.

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