Our Approach

Each Levant portfolio contains 10-15 stocks from 10 different industry groups. We do not attempt to cover all sectors.


Minimum Hold

Every stock is held for a minimum of one quarter. This means you will hold every stock through one earnings report.

While holding one stock into its earnings report might be considered extremely risky, we believe that holding 10 top performing stocks into their earnings reports results in much lesser risk. Our history thus far shows that 6 to 8 of the 10 stocks in each portfolio outperform their benchmark index, which more than offsets the 2 to 4 that don’t.

Technically Sound

Every stock is technically sound, in our opinion, and backed by research-driven insights and analysis.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of conditions that we believe will soon result in a price swing in the securities we purchase.

Consensus Beaters

Every stock has beaten Wall Street consensus estimates as to both revenues and EPS in its latest quarterly report.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of our predictions of brief price swings.

If a sector is underperforming, why do we want to own it? We're not value investors. We trade relative strength, not falling knives.

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