Investment Banking

Bespoke investment banking services with a disciplined eye on opportunity


Financial Advisory

The Levant Securities team has global experience working on a vast array of corporate finance transactions, serving as a partner for both the sell and buy sides. We provide services and support to Clients in M&A and organisational restructuring, offering an innovative and flexible approach that is at the core of our philosophy.

While holding one stock into its earnings report might be considered extremely risky, we believe that holding 10 top performing stocks into their earnings reports results in much lesser risk. Our history thus far shows that 6 to 8 of the 10 stocks in each portfolio outperform their benchmark index, which more than offsets the 2 to 4 that don’t.

Debt Advisory

We work closely with each Client to determine their financial requirements and assist in identifying the most suitable form of debt financing. We provide assistance with identifying and qualifying potential investors and arrange direct access to global institutional investors including hedge funds, private equity funds, private debt funds and insurance companies.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of conditions that we believe will soon result in a price swing in the securities we purchase.

Financial Innovation

Levant Securities proactively explores new market opportunities in an ever-changing global landscape. From carbon markets to emerging technologies, we apply our disciplined, research-driven approach, in collaboration with strategic partners, to generate value and results for our clients.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of our predictions of brief price swings.
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