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Market research, brokerage and trade execution geared to deliver superior results.



In-depth research and insightful analysis are key to success in asset management and investment banking. Levant Securities goes deep into historical and current market data and undertakes comprehensive analysis of sectors and vehicles, in search of unearthing unique opportunities.

While holding one stock into its earnings report might be considered extremely risky, we believe that holding 10 top performing stocks into their earnings reports results in much lesser risk. Our history thus far shows that 6 to 8 of the 10 stocks in each portfolio outperform their benchmark index, which more than offsets the 2 to 4 that don’t.


Levant Securities offers professional, market-leading broking services to institutions as well as individual investors. We leverage our expertise and global relationships to connect our institutional and retail clients to international markets using our cutting-edge trading platform.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of conditions that we believe will soon result in a price swing in the securities we purchase.


Levant Securities operates on international exchanges and offer clients access to all major markets, enabling the execution of trades across a wide range of asset classes. Strong relationships with market leading brokers an institutional counterparts worldwide allows us to offer our clients efficient, timely and reliable order execution.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of our predictions of brief price swings.
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