Asset Management

Achieving long term goals through the pursuit of Absolute Returns


Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management services serve both individual, professional and institutional investors who maintain a medium to long term investment horizon. We offer sound strategies based on a combination of performance targets, risk tolerance and the liquidity requirements of each Client, constructing portfolios using a systematic approach based on risk control.

While holding one stock into its earnings report might be considered extremely risky, we believe that holding 10 top performing stocks into their earnings reports results in much lesser risk. Our history thus far shows that 6 to 8 of the 10 stocks in each portfolio outperform their benchmark index, which more than offsets the 2 to 4 that don’t.

Institutional Advisory

Levant Securities offers bespoke advisory services to institutional clients, based on segment, risk profile, investment horizon and goals. We comply with stringent global best practices in our approach to asset allocation, asset selection, research, analysis and risk management.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of conditions that we believe will soon result in a price swing in the securities we purchase.

Investment Solutions

Levant Securities’ measured approach serves Clients well in an uncertain world and frequent market instabilities. We craft multi-asset investment strategies which allow for diversified portfolios, always with an eye on risk.

We do this in an attempt to take advantage of our predictions of brief price swings.
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